E-Totem is a brand of high-end electric bikes, ideal to move quickly, practical and economical, designed to facilitate personal mobility, while respecting the environment.
Both electric mountain bikes as ride are specially designed to be lightweight, comfortable, reliable and easy to handle. The system pedelec (pedal assistance) helps the rider to successfully overcome any situation that arises in all types of travel.
On this page you will find an ideal electric bike for your age and physical condition, allowing you to move both specific bicycle lanes and full circulation by the ability of these vehicles to ensure a constant speed depending on the level of assistance.
The price of electric bike ride or electric mountain bike, mtb, offered by e-totem has been studied and structured to present an ideal relationship with the quality of the components that incorporate each of the bikes ride or mountain bikes, so the purchase of an electric bike e-totem is highly recommended.
Electric motors fitted to bicycles e-totem, are the best on the market having also surpassed strict quality control so the strength and durability reliability are guaranteed in all models.
All our electric bicycles have been built following a strict quality control and according to EC regulations. Therefore the brand ONDABIKE E-TOTEM provides full guarantee with a highly competitive purchase price
The global environmental situation raises the absolute need for a drastic restructuring in the use of fossil fuels, which pollute our environment significantly; a growing problem that we have to solve together, so if it has been raised to contribute to the conservation of the planet in addition to moderate exercise please consider buying an electric bicycle.
E-totem as a specialist in the manufacture and sale of electric bikes has an R + D + i that collects all the information from the market to incorporate new models in a process of continuous improvement; This ensures that new-fangled models are in line with the needs of users and comply with the latest regulations.
In the bike shop’s website you can see the models and their most significant characteristics we hope to contribute to their decision or if any doubts clarifies the process of buying your electric bicycle.




Maximum speed 25 Km/h.

In application the European regulations and to prevent accidents caused by speeding, this has been limited to 25 km / h, when this limit is reached, the motor is stopped, and becomes active when the speed is below this limit. The speed can also be set via the Control Display.

Range of up to 90 km.

The range is 35 to 90 km depending of the model. The lithium batteries are Samsung, Panasonic or Philión. The control display indicates, the charge level of the battery, the battery also has lights that show clearly the power level is available.  It is advisable to have the battery charged to at least 80% if not going to use, and if you are not using the bike for long periods of time put the battery on charge once a month.

Driving an electric bike.

Driving an electric vehicle requires, respect traffic rules, affecting these vehicles and appropriate personal protective equipment. Remember that you have a power of 250 watts that let you reach 25 km/h with ease.

Security with an electric bike.

Personal security is guaranteed by the following measures:
Protection Maximum speed.
Protection pedal assistance. If you stop pedaling the motor does not work.
Braking protection. If acts on the brake the engine stops running.
System protection. If you try to self-protect so that they cannot damage sensitive items so if the bike does not work consult the retailer.



Whatever your need, we have a wide range of electric bikes to suit your needs.

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